An ultra-portable scooter built to last

One of the most exciting developments in mobility has been the introduction of the ultra-portable scooter. These scooters are cleverly designed to fold up into a compact form about the size and shape of a small wheelie suitcase.

While extremely useful for traveling, the first generation of ultra portables sometimes suffered from poor build quality. They were easily damaged and could feel unstable due to the flexibility of their chassis.

With the Minimo TGA look to have addressed these issues.

Build Quality

The Minimo is manufactured by Heartway, who also manufacture the very popular Vita and Eclipse models for TGA. Unlike many manufacturers of scooters Heartway are mobility specialists. They take research and development very seriously and this shows with the Minimo.

The body is manufactured from strong aluminium alloy and lacks the flexibility that dogged some early ultra-portables. All hinges and catches have been engineered to very fine tolerances meaning that folding and unfolding is very smooth, and once locked in place for riding the Minimo feels like a fixed body scooter.


To fold the Minimo simply pull up on the red locking leaver, fold down the seat back, and then pull the tiller back until it locks with a satisfying click. Once folded the Minimo measures 32.5” x 19” x 17.7". The weight without batteries is 53lbs, and just over 60lbs with the lithium battery option.

Ride Quality and Comfort

Due to the high quality of it's construction the Minimo rides like a much larger scooter. The stated maximum user weight is 18 stones, and this does not feel unreasonable. The Minimo is stable and sturdy in wasy not seen before in this type of scooter.

The Minimo is a six wheel scooter which gives the benefits of a three wheeled scooter (better turning radius, more leg room) with the stability of a four wheeled scooter.

Find Out More

Click here for more details and full specifications of the TGA Minimo.